Back home / Blogmas Day 9

As you can see from my title that i am back home from my dad . My mum and brother came for me around lunch time and in the car i was happy to see my little brother

In the car me and my brother put on music and dance in back of the car and we went shopping and had some lunch at Mac Donald’s then headed home . Our 2 cats and dogs so excited in me being home one of them scratched my arm.

People that don’t know my brother just 4 year old and will be 5 next month. i love spending time with him and today i gave him his Christmas card and put both this first and last name on card and he read the card and was on phone and write his first name but he done a bit step in typing the last name in phone too. Big well done to my little brother xxx


now its bedtime so i just winding down and putting Christmas window stickers on my window and putting stuff passed . so that is about it for today


thanks for reading 🙂

Blogmas Day 8

Sorry i been gone for a few weeks alot has happen


week before Halloween my gran passed away all of a sudden ages 86 and took a full week to find out how she passed but now she at peace.


since i missed 7 days of Blogmas . i am going to do day 1 to 8 in one Blogmas for day 8.


i have not been up to anything exciting just getting in my shopping and currently at  my dads watching TV and spending time with him . i got him and my aunt a bauble with sadly missed Xmas mum and dad , both of them loved it and my dad gave me a christmas card from my gran that she had write before she passed . it made me sad and i have plan to keep it for every christmas since it was last card she write.


One promise i kept for my gran told her this year , i was going to buy my dad a new mattress for what he done for my gran before she gone so we came up with idea that i would buy the mattress from both of us and i kept the promise to my gran on 6th December 2017 my dad new mattress  arrived and he was so happy with it .


that much i been up to the now currently now on the Blogmas day 8  i am watching the snooker O’Sullivan vs Gould and O’sullivan is up 5 – 1 also my laptop had a update from window it took forgive to do and later on i will be watching some vlogmas and blogmas too with abit of my favourite game sims 4.


thanks for reading


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