Freebies Samples

Hello here are a few freebie sample i have found



Redbush tea



Redbush Tea is made from the rooibos crop. It is naturally caffeine free and contains less than half of the tannin of regular black tea. If you love tea but are looking to try something with less caffeine in, then this is the freebie for you.

They will pop 3 samples in the post for you to try, Original Redbush, Redbush Citrus and Redbush Chai.

Follow the link to sign up to receive yours. Click ‘request a sample here’ and register your contact details to get yours sent in the post.


Win a trip to spain


Take part to win a trip for two, filled with unique and unforgettable moments to Spain.

Visit Granada, the city that is home to the “eighth wonder of the world”, the Alhambra, and Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol. A unique trip on which you will get to sample the cuisine, while taking in Spain’s art, culture and history, not forgetting of course their sunshine and beaches.

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Sims 4 mods

Here are some of my favourite sims mods i have used and work


MC Command Center

This mod is great  and i do recommend download MC commend center and MC woohoo. what i do love about this mod is i can set skills of my sims and set funding you like you sim to have or less. its great if you like to do sims challenges .

here is a video explaining how to install and use MC command centre




if you got any questions about this mod leave comment below

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Spring fashion outfit 2018

 First fashion outfit of spring 




The dress is called pal print jersey sundress its £8 pound in Asda. i am in love with this dress, its a nice palm print dress the back has a cut out back detail. i own this dress personal and i love it nice wear when the sun is out also its easy to put on and its not tight .


download (1)

With the palm print sundress. the triple blow strapply sandal would go great with this outfit  and they are also from Asda £10 pound. what i love about the sandal are shoes are same shade colour has the dress and out got lovely with the spring look.


download (2)


To finish off this look shimmering woven tote bag asda again for £16.00



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if you like me to model this outfit let me know in the comment box and share a like to this post.



Believing in myself

On 9th of may i went to a college interview and i was nervous. i woke up about 6 am and spend few hours relaxing and mainly reminding myself that i believe i can do it and i got a up dressed . i went out to car still nervous but i focus on reminding that i could do it.

the car run was about 15 mins then i arrived at college and once parked i had few mins to spare so we sat in the car. i was with my mum and her bf  and once time go in they came with me but only to go in the cafe to get a drink while waiting. i sat in reception with 2 other people waiting for same as me . after few mins i started to relax and just waited for my turn to be interviewed. the interview wasn’t too long about 20 to 30 mins i think , i knew the interviewer from my past time at college and she ask questions she needed then gave me a work sheet to do help them decided.



i will  find out in if i got in or not 7 to 14 days. Fingers crossed its good news



sudden passing

29th October 2017


sorry i have not been blogging lately past few months have bad. on 29th October 2017 my gran passed suddenly  and i was in shock thought i would have few more years with her and now she is gone and  my only grandmother is gone.

she was in her late 80s and a wonderful gran and upsetting part was the last time i saw her we planning my dad big surprise christmas a new mattress from gran saying thank you for all the times he cared for her. i miss my gran everyday

Gran & Albin


24th feburary 2018


on 24th February morning i had few miss calls and facebook message from my brother to message him  and when i did he told me take the phone to my mum and he told me my dad passed in the night.

i went back up to my room and cried in my bed with the shock of my dad passing and i would never see him again and everything he will miss out on . we had wait few weeks for them to find out how he died and time for funeral i couldn’t face going because i wasn’t ready.

A week later i went to grave to seen my dad and place flowers and the funeral flowers were still on the grave and i was upset not visiting my dad but to find out my own brother never put my name on our dad funeral flowers after i try to help him but he didn’t want it.



Until this day my brother not spoken to me for no reason at all . i have try talking to him about on our gran birthday 11th may to meet to place flowers since first time without gran on her birthday .


Also i should not be surprise by his behaviour .our brother is 5 year old and he never spend time with him so guessing he just want a lonely life with no family .

i am not letting him but me down its his choice and i have amazing support from my mum and brother Ethan , aunt Lesley helping in this time.



thanks for reading