sudden passing

29th October 2017


sorry i have not been blogging lately past few months have bad. on 29th October 2017 my gran passed suddenly  and i was in shock thought i would have few more years with her and now she is gone and  my only grandmother is gone.

she was in her late 80s and a wonderful gran and upsetting part was the last time i saw her we planning my dad big surprise christmas a new mattress from gran saying thank you for all the times he cared for her. i miss my gran everyday

Gran & Albin


24th feburary 2018


on 24th February morning i had few miss calls and facebook message from my brother to message him  and when i did he told me take the phone to my mum and he told me my dad passed in the night.

i went back up to my room and cried in my bed with the shock of my dad passing and i would never see him again and everything he will miss out on . we had wait few weeks for them to find out how he died and time for funeral i couldn’t face going because i wasn’t ready.

A week later i went to grave to seen my dad and place flowers and the funeral flowers were still on the grave and i was upset not visiting my dad but to find out my own brother never put my name on our dad funeral flowers after i try to help him but he didn’t want it.



Until this day my brother not spoken to me for no reason at all . i have try talking to him about on our gran birthday 11th may to meet to place flowers since first time without gran on her birthday .


Also i should not be surprise by his behaviour .our brother is 5 year old and he never spend time with him so guessing he just want a lonely life with no family .

i am not letting him but me down its his choice and i have amazing support from my mum and brother Ethan , aunt Lesley helping in this time.



thanks for reading


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