Believing in myself

On 9th of may i went to a college interview and i was nervous. i woke up about 6 am and spend few hours relaxing and mainly reminding myself that i believe i can do it and i got a up dressed . i went out to car still nervous but i focus on reminding that i could do it.

the car run was about 15 mins then i arrived at college and once parked i had few mins to spare so we sat in the car. i was with my mum and her bf  and once time go in they came with me but only to go in the cafe to get a drink while waiting. i sat in reception with 2 other people waiting for same as me . after few mins i started to relax and just waited for my turn to be interviewed. the interview wasn’t too long about 20 to 30 mins i think , i knew the interviewer from my past time at college and she ask questions she needed then gave me a work sheet to do help them decided.



i will  find out in if i got in or not 7 to 14 days. Fingers crossed its good news



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