End of june plan to buy

this is my plan to buy for july and review:


Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper Bubble Bath 400ml

Price 3.50


Palmer’s Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil 30ml

Price :7.45


Barry M Matte Lip Paint 4.5g




NAILSINC NailKale Colour 14ml




My Tattoo’s Experience

My first tattoo was the heart tattoo




I got my tattoo done on day after my 21st birthday .i decision to get the hear cause it was small and good one to get for my first time and took about 15 mins to get done. pain was 7 ot of 10 not to painfully . tattoo its self black out line and read and pink on left half on my tattoo.


My Second tattoo was two butterfly tattoos




I got tattoo on 22nd birthday and i plan to get this is was thought about getting tattoo  since the first time i thought about tattoo. To me it means ” spread your wings and fly and be free “.pain was 7 out of 10 and lasted about half hour to a hour




My third tattoo is a rose




My rose tattoo was done a few months ago and pain 9 out of 10. this was the painfully tattoo i have got so far and i do not intend to get any more on my fingers . i got this cause i love the design but i do need to go get a second touch up.





my main advice is to anyone planning to get tattoo before getting any that you think hard before getting it done


if you got any question then please ask away and i happy to ask around tattoo place and ask your question .

thanks for reading