Spring fashion outfit 2018

 First fashion outfit of spring 




The dress is called pal print jersey sundress its £8 pound in Asda. i am in love with this dress, its a nice palm print dress the back has a cut out back detail. i own this dress personal and i love it nice wear when the sun is out also its easy to put on and its not tight .


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With the palm print sundress. the triple blow strapply sandal would go great with this outfit  and they are also from Asda £10 pound. what i love about the sandal are shoes are same shade colour has the dress and out got lovely with the spring look.


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To finish off this look shimmering woven tote bag asda again for £16.00



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Believing in myself

On 9th of may i went to a college interview and i was nervous. i woke up about 6 am and spend few hours relaxing and mainly reminding myself that i believe i can do it and i got a up dressed . i went out to car still nervous but i focus on reminding that i could do it.

the car run was about 15 mins then i arrived at college and once parked i had few mins to spare so we sat in the car. i was with my mum and her bf  and once time go in they came with me but only to go in the cafe to get a drink while waiting. i sat in reception with 2 other people waiting for same as me . after few mins i started to relax and just waited for my turn to be interviewed. the interview wasn’t too long about 20 to 30 mins i think , i knew the interviewer from my past time at college and she ask questions she needed then gave me a work sheet to do help them decided.



i will  find out in if i got in or not 7 to 14 days. Fingers crossed its good news



Chi Chi London – Light pink floral print plus size dress

what i love about this dress is the design  the white dress with colourful flowers design . it has straps and its got a love flow and relaxing fit to the dress Designed in a midi length, back measurement 126cm / 49.6 inches


 from the back its got same flower design with a zip at the back. its longer at the back than at front. sizes for this dress is size UK 18 to 26 and currently at  £19.50 usually price is £65 pound so your saving 42.50 for this dress.

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Back home / Blogmas Day 9

As you can see from my title that i am back home from my dad . My mum and brother came for me around lunch time and in the car i was happy to see my little brother

In the car me and my brother put on music and dance in back of the car and we went shopping and had some lunch at Mac Donald’s then headed home . Our 2 cats and dogs so excited in me being home one of them scratched my arm.

People that don’t know my brother just 4 year old and will be 5 next month. i love spending time with him and today i gave him his Christmas card and put both this first and last name on card and he read the card and was on phone and write his first name but he done a bit step in typing the last name in phone too. Big well done to my little brother xxx


now its bedtime so i just winding down and putting Christmas window stickers on my window and putting stuff passed . so that is about it for today


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Part 2 of holiday abroad

after we got our picture taken we went to get dinner then in for that night watch tv. Next day we went to local pubic swimming pool and then we went on a ferry to a island where they were rides and we went on train track around once then me and my dad went on the big wheel then after we just walked around then time passed and it was getting late so we headed back for the ferry.


next day my uncle came and got us and took us to friend of his for lunch was second last day and we got to go swimming in his friend pool we had to were socks so we couldn’t cut our foot cause was not smooth. i remember he have a dive board and a slide but with side it didn’t work cause to warm to slide down so afternoon once the summer had cold down we manage to go down the slide and it was fun until we had to leave and drive back.


our last day there we just went to my uncles for a while play in his garden and relax then dinner was another warm day so next day was we were packed and ready for airport to go back home so coming home it felt so fast until we saw the lights at glasgow airport was early night when we arrived . once we got off place got our cases we went to find our car and put all cases home and once  we were home and drop cases off , we were back out again to get the dog and poor spot lost his voice from barking all the time we were away so we had get appointment at vet for him and few week later he was back at barking.


the end

New products

Hey so today my new products came in the mail  . if like like me to make video trying the products on please share a like on this blog for video


first products i got is DERMACOL  make up cover . i heard it was really good at covering dark circle but also tattoo thought would be good try and see if it really works.

shade was  207 on image its just one  – cost was £5.49 from eBay  — Dermacol make up cover 



Next i got MAYBELLINE new york , color tattoo 24 hours . I seen the product on youtube video and look really nice so i got one from ebay aswell .

shade  creme de rose -cost just £ 2.79 Maybelline colour tattoo 24 hours

s-l1600 (1)


The honey queen  honeycomb blusher. i was looking at blushes that when i came cross this blushes . i like the package and the shades inside so thought give it a try cost £3.49

The honeycomb blusher

s-l1600 (2)


i got W7 contour stick . its a highlighters and bonzer in one . they are 4 different shades to choose from and also found by looking around .

W7 contour stick  Cost £ 3.39

s-l1600 (3)


Lastly  Maybelline Volume Express The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara Black . i wanted to try out this out for ages so now i do think it time i do it .

Cost £3.99 Maybelline Volume Express The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara Black


 s-l1600 (4)

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